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Three Reasons Why This Anti-Aging Cream Is Changing The Face of Skincare


Most creams stop penetrating at the stratum corneum
Emu oil as a carrier allows for the deepest penetration of skin care active ingredients

#1 Deepest Level of Skin Penetration

Medica Labs Retinol Complex 1.0 provides the deepest penetration of Retinol Complex available through a patented combination of powerful active ingredients delivered through the skin by a combination of natural oils.

One of these oils is Emu Oil.  Crazy but true, but Emu Oil is natures perfect carrier oil.  It is the natural oil that most closely resembles the human skin, and because of these properties it allows for the active ingredients of our high power retinol and hyaluronic acids to reach the dermis layers of the epidermis providing unmatched product efficacy.

#2 Double Hydration

Emu Oil + Hyaluronic Acid = Skin Hydration Power Couple

There is a reason that stars like Oprah, cosmetologists, and others recommend using emu oil to hydrate and repair damaged skin.  Not only does Emu Medica benefit through emu oil, but hydration is doubled through a super dose of  hyaluronic acid that is a powerful humectant (aka moisture-binding ingredient) that keeps skin plump and hydrated and, yes, young-looking.

#3 Not Your Mothers Retinol

Highest Power of Non-Prescription Retinol Available But Formed For Sensitive Skin

Retinol science has improved dramatically over the last several years and is now able to provide clinical dosage, in a form that can be tolerated by those with sensitive skin. 


Emu Medica utilizes a patented, next generation form of retinol that delivers the highest clinical power of retinol at 2.5% with lower irritation to promote skin plumpness, elasticity, and hydration; thereby providing a radiant and fresh appearance.  Scientifically superior to other forms of Vitamin A.

You Owe It To Yourself To Try

This Product

"Confidence in A Bottle"  Allure

“…emu oil is emerging as the world’s next cosmetic rage. “I think it will be another aloe-vera", says Mark Potter  a cosmetics chemist at Donna Karan… "It’s really the ideal oil."  -Vogue Magazine

#1 in Wrinkles
#1 in Skin Tightening
#1 in Repair of Fine Lines
#1 in Repair of Sun Damage


The All in One Treatment for Tighter Looking Skin

Emu Medica is a high-performance, clean skincare line powered by next generation retinol infused with ultra-pure emu oil ELA-1004, along with other high performance ingredients, which act as a true superfood for the skin. All products are fast-absorbing, lightweight, potent, with a blend of antioxidants, essential minerals, and skin-loving omega fatty acids that will leave your skin deeply nourished and radiant, naturally.

This scientifically formulated product delivers a potent dose of wrinkle relaxing ingredients to yield maximum results infused with super purified Emu Oil ELA-1004.

ELA 1004

The Miracle of Emu Oil

For centuries emu oil has been known as the #1 all natural Australian beauty secret to help treat deep lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and sun damage.​

  • Emu Medica is infused with natural oils that provides the greatest trans-dermal penetration available (penetration into the deepest layers of the skin) of any retinol product

  • Emu Medica is non-comedogenic meaning that it is able to soften skin without being oily & does not clog pores

  • Emu Medica is a very good emollient, and a rich moisturizer

  • Emu oil's fatty acids mirror what's found in the skin's top layer

Emu Medica also provides clinical concentrations of peptides, antioxidants and other age minimizing actives to produce skin that is instantly brighter, firmer and more radiant.

  • Prevents DNA degradation and protects skin cell telomeres

  • Stimulates collagen network with peptides

  • Relaxes wrinkles with neuropeptides

  • Increases skin healing and renewal

  • Contains Eco-Certified organic extracts

#1 in Dark Spot Correction

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Simply Try Emu Medica for 30 days, if you don't love it, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.  It is that easy.

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